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WPE Dispatch center for Renewable Energy

  • Wind farm and PV Dispatch Center
  • 4 dispatchers at the same time
  • 100% availability
  • 100% data backup
  • Fits up to 2000 MW of renewable energy
  • Certified by Transelectrica
  • Certified by Teletrans
  • Certified by TUV Nord
  • Power Forecast available for free
WPE Dispatch Center is the first certified Renewable Cluster in Romania and is acomodating now more than 500 MW of renewable energy producers. Find out more informations about us

Servicii si Produse WPE

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Prognoza de Productie

Things you can do with our AQ500 Sodar:

1. Measure wind up to 200m with no external power supply for wind assessment reports;
2. Operation of wind farms with real time data feed into your SCADA system;
3. Improve forecast for your wind farm;
4. Application for Environmental Measuring;
5. Air traffic measurements;



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