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“Happy Wind Day Romania” photo contest

18 May 2011 - Comunicate de presa

ROMANIAN WIND ENERGY ASSOCIATION organizes together with Wind Power Energy “Happy Wind Day Romania” photo contest.

Photo Contest

International Wind Day
started to be celebrated every 15th of june starting 2008, with several activities in each country, end is also called “Open Day”  for Wind Farms. On this occasion, RWEA organizes together with Wind Power Energy the photo contest “Happy Wind Day Romania”.


The contest takes place online at : www.rwea.ro/concurs

The theme of the contest is “Wind Energy in Romania” and addresses to wind energy companies employees and to all those interested in this field. Those interested are invited to publish photos on the event website.


Fist place : 300 EUR + a visit to a wind farm
Second place : 150 EUR + a visit to a wind farm

Third place : 100 EUR + a visit to a wind farm

The deadline for the photo submission is 14.06.2011 5 p.m.

Winner will be chosen based on the number of votes on the event website  : www.rwea.ro/concurs

The Awards will be given in a festive event organized by RWEA on 15.06.2011

Contest rules can be found at : http://rwea.ro/concurs/regulament.php

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