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Decibel measurements

The objective of the consultancy activity is to offer quality services of installations for monitoring ambient noise in the area requested by the owner.

The following services are offered with consultancy:
•    Design and obtaining of needed approvals
•    Supply of equipments
•    Assembly and operation of the pilot installation and also the entire measurement network

Technical data of the installation and activity highlighting are presented on our website.

Standards and normative documents which are take into account in order to design the integrated system for noise measurements:

•    HG 321/2005, with additional notes, regarding the evaluation and management of ambient noise
•   Order no. 678/1344/915/1397/2006 for approval of the Guidelines regarding temporary methods for calculating the noise indicators
•    STAS 10009-89 Urban acoustics. Admitted limits of noise level
•    STAS 6161/3-89 Determination of noise level in urban localities
•    SR ISO 1996/1,2,3: 1995 Acoustics. Characterization and measurement of environmental noise
•    SR ISO 9613/2:2006 Acoustics. Attenuation of propagated sound in open air
•    SR ISO 8297-1999 Acoustics. Determination of acoustic power levels of installations with multiple sources
•    SR EN ISOCEI 17025:2005 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

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