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Wind Power Energy

With a network of 18 data collecting masts located in the primary wind development regions of Dobrogea, Banat and Moldavia, the company will provide clients with 7-hour, 24-hour, 48-hour and 72-hour forecasts starting in June 2009.


This data can then be used by wind farm operators to sell electricity on Romania's Day Ahead Market, fetching prices 30% higher than selling it directly to the grid, according to Enache. read all...

Measurement Masts

In order to achieve an investment in the wind energy domain, a first step is to accomplish measurements of wind parameters and verification of energy potential of the chosen site.


Is your location well suited for a wind farm development? Wind Power Energy can tell you the mean wind speed of the last 20 years...

Service and Maintenance

Only installing measurement masts, doesn’t end the measurements campaign. In order to have a bankable measurement, the masts must be supervised and maintained for maximum performance...

Noise measurements

Our offer regarding consultancy for implementing installations for monitoring ambient noise, projection, technical support and drafting of accredited forecast measurements.

Servicii dispecerat

Pentru o buna predictie a productiei parcului eolian este nevoie de o prognoza a vantului cat mai corecta. Folosind tehnologie de ultima generatie, putem produce date de model prognostice foarte precise.

Production Prediction

In order to sell at a best as possible price, the energy must be sold on the PZU – The day ahead market. Learning from the best, we manage to forecast with a margin of 2-4% for 3 days.


Wind Power Energy aduce in premiera in Romania, BZEE – Academia pentru Surse Regenerabile
CONSTANTA, 10 septembrie 2014 – Wind Power Energy (WPE), companie...

Wind Power Energy aduce în premieră în România o tehnologie care măsoară vântul cu ajutorul sunetului – www.wpe.ro/sodar
BUCUREŞTI, 10 ianuarie 2013 – Wind Power Energy (WPE), companie...

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