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European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (EWEC)

07 Feb 2009 - Stiri, Stiri - Consultanta

EWEC brings together wind energy professionals and technical experts in a different European city every year. The comprehensive conference programme and extensive exhibition attract thousands of participants from all over Europe and beyond.

“Coming at a time when EU member states will be preparing their National Action Plans, designed to deliver against the EU renewables targets, EWEC 2009 represents an ideal opportunity to discover the latest developments in the wind energy sector, exchange ideas and information, and generate new industry contacts and business opportunities.

Coupled with the leading European wind energy exhibition, the EWEC 2009 conference programme will offer you a unique insight into the latest policies, ideas and projects from a wide range of stakeholders at the European and national levels.”

Roland Sundén, CEO, LM Glasfiber & EWEC 2009 Conference Chair

“Wind power and renewable energies continue to show great promise in helping Europe and the world simultaneously deal with a growing demand for energy and doing what is necessary to halt climate change.

Based on its track record, wind power has proven it is now positioned to make a large contribution to decarbonising our energy sector.

Events like EWEC 2009 allow the wind industry, policy makers and journalists to be part of a valuable and positive experience that are of benefit to all.”

Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Energy and EWEC 2009 speaker

“Renewable energy plays an essential role in the energy policy and the supply security of the European Union. Today renewable energy sources contribute to more than 8.5% of the EU`s final energy consumption. Moreover, the renewable energy industry has an annual turnover of EUR40 billion and created over 350,000 new jobs.

This success is mainly due to the enormous growth in the field of wind energy. The cautious expectations of politics were overshoot – EU`s wind power capacity is currently at 57 GW clearly exceeding the target of 40 GW set by the EU for 2010. And I am convinced that wind energy will remain a driving force in reaching EU`s target of a 20% share of renewable energy in 2020.

The 2009 European Wind Energy Conference is a milestone for the further success of wind power in Europe. ”

Mechtild Rothe, Vice President, European Parliament & EWEC 2009 speaker

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