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Masts Interventions

This service implies long term maintenance of the measurements equipments.

The WindReports.WPE service is specially developed by the WPE team for the online monitoring of the measurements masts.
Thus, we have information in real time regarding the condition of the measurements mast and if an intervention is necessary, in order to maintain the availability of measured wind data at a rate of over 99%.

Our clients receive monthly reports with statistics of the measured wind data. On demand, they can be finalized after one year with bankable wind studies.

The maintenance service offered by WPE, implies the following activities:

1. 3 months anchor verification through site visits;
2. Battery change and memory card emptying each 6 months;
3. Monthly wind reports using measured wind data;
4. Measurements masts monitoring using the WPE Dispatch Center;

For more details, please fill out the contact form.

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