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Measurement masts

WPE installs by order accredited wind measurement masts.

After signing the contract we can assure the mast will be installed in maximum 1 week.

The equipments that are already in store will assure you won’t have to wait until you receive them from another country.

WPE has installed in Romania more than 60 masts in the last 3 years, and all the measurements were accredited at international level.
Installation of the equipment according to standards, checking and repeated testing, our installation team’s experience will guarantee you success when starting an investment in this business.

WPE Infrastructure, a special division of the company, can install masts from 50m up to 150m. Our teams are working all over the country, being able to assure maximum efficiency and mobility, regardless of the number of masts installed.

For details and offer requests, please fill out the contact form .

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