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Site energy evaluation

If you already have a land that you want to use to install one or more wind turbine generators and wish to check the wind potential of the site before starting the investment, we can carry out, by demand, wind maps for the areas requested. We can check wind speed up to 100 meters heights with great accuracy. Wind maps conducted by WPE are overlapped on 1:25000 maps, made at a resolution of 50m point correlation.

WPE offers consultancy services in order to find the best locations for investments.

Also, if you have several locations and can’t decide where to start a project, Wind Power Energy can establish a preliminary wind study, using it’s own database of over 50 meteorological masts from Dobrogea, Banat and Moldova in order to assess the wind potential.

Choosing the right location for installing a meteorological mast is very important. Installing the mast in an inappropiate location, can lead to wrong conclusions regarding the location’s wind potential. Thus, you can overrate or underrate the location. In order to avoid this kind of trouble, WPE will offer consultancy regarding this matter.

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