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System description

Wind Power Energy is the first company in Romania that is offering power forecast service for wind farms since 1 January 2009. This service is a WPE Dispatch Center product provided under the WPE Power Forecast brand:

Thus, the clients can enter the DMA Day Ahead Market, obtaining a better price for the produced energy. With the help of this service, WPE can offer an accuracy of plus/minus 5%, a small percentage compared to other companies around the world that offer the same services.

The WPE forecast system is online 24/24, and uses neuronal databases that learn to correct the errors using wind turbine production, wind data and also different models data, from the wind farm area.

About “Wind Power Management System – WPMS”

WPE’s wind power monitoring and prediction model, the „Wind Power Management System – WPMS“ includes a cluster of prediction modules, being optimised for different targets. Each module consists of a set of artificial neural networks (ANN). The input of the networks is predicted meteorological data like wind speed and direction, air pressure, temperature,etc. and observed wind farm power output from the near past. The output is the wind farm power output for a specific time period in the future. Most of the national weather services provide forecasts of meteorological data for several times a day and for a specific period.

ANN’s are trained with predicted meteorological parameters and measured power data from the past, in order to learn the relation between wind speed and wind farm power output. The actual relation between wind speed (and other meteorological parameters) and wind farm power output is dependent on a multitude of local influences and is therefore very complex, i.e. physically difficult to describe. A further advantage of ANNs over other approaches is the “learning” of relations and “conjecturing” of results, also in the case of incomplete or contradictory entry data.

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