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Wind Assessments

We have earned and imposed our experience and reliability. Although we work in Romania, we work at international level. We had from who to learn and someone competent to ask. The WPE services quality is guaranteed by our successful projects until now and the positive feedback of our clients.

Our direct partners are:

BBB Umwelttechnik GmbH is a middle-sized enterprise acting all over Europe and offers its customers a complete range of services for the projection, realisation and operation of wind turbines. Our team, consisting of highly qualified employees, plans and supports wind energy projects in Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Spain .

EMD is a software and consultancy company supplying countries worldwide with software and consultancy services within the field of project design, planning and documentation of environmental friendly energy projects, particularly wind energy projects.

In the field of wind energy ISET is engaged in electrical engineering and systems technology for wind energy turbines and wind energy application. This includes R&D work on wind energy technology with regard to control engineering, condition monitoring and online fault prediction as well as R&D work on the integration of wind power into the electric power supply structures with regard to information systems, energy and power management and grid optimisation.

Since 1982, NRG Systems has made products to help our customers measure and understand the wind. We serve the wind energy industry exclusively, from wind farm developers and turbine manufacturers to electric utilities and research institutes, in more than 125 countries.

In line with continuous evolution in the wind energy sector, AQSystem provides suitable solutions that provide new projects with fast and correct measuring data. The AQ500 Wind Finder is a mobile and self-sufficient sodar system that is designed to perform measuring tasks without the need for building permits – no matter what, no matter where.

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