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Wind Power Energy ® – registered trademark

19 Sep 2011 - Comunicate de presa

Starting last year, Wind Power Energy registered the WPE logo, name and image to OSIM – State Office for Inventions and Trademarks. On this premises starting 14.10.2010 WPE’s name logo and image are trademarks ® in Romania and Europe.

The registration was done for the VIENA 260118, 270503 and 290113 class and NISA 38 and 42 class. The domains for the trademark registration are :
1. Class 38 : telecom, wireless communication wifi and fiber optics
2. Class 42 : Wind Power Forecast, Dispatch Center, Data Statistics and meteorological data analysis, Noise monitoring systems for wind farms, aviation lights and wind farm service and operations.

WPE Trademark

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