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Wind Power Energy present at Wind Power Romania 2012

19 Jan 2012 - Comunicate de presa

Wind Power Romania 2012 features the very companies and organisations building, operating, financing and advising Romanian wind farms, organisations such as CEZ, Iberdrola, Enel, Monsson Group, Continental Wind Partners, Verbund, Prowind, GE, Siemens or REpower. Wind Power Energy was also present at Monsson’s Group booth an presented the leading aviation light equipment for wind turbines – ORGA’s L450-63A_63C aviation light.

Monsson’s Group booth at the expo                              WPE’s director speaking with partners

Oana, our PR Specialist                                  WPE speaking with the press

Wind Power Energy has met it’s partners and signed new agreements for long term partnership. Wind Power Energy is the leading consultancy and technical infrastructure company in Romania and provides to wind farms :

1. Aviation lights for wind turbines
2. Video Monitoring and security systems for wind farms
3. Power Forecast

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