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Wind Power Energy signs reseller agreement with Second Wind

Wind Power Energy srl, a leading provider of wind energy consultancy for the Romanian market, announces today that it has entered into a master reseller agreement with Second Wind, USA. Under this agreement, Wind Power Energy will sell Second Wind measurement equipment along with tower accessories and new wind energy consultancy services using SODAR technology.

Second Wind prides itself on technology innovation with its in-house hardware development and software engineering talent. The company continues to develop ground-breaking products related to wind data. Second Wind’s resource assessment data loggers and systems are now used in over 40 countries worldwide. Most recently, Second Wind developed the Triton Wind Profiler, which uses advanced sodar technology to provide more wind assessment data than can be acquired by conventional means. Second Wind has an industry-wide reputation for innovative, reliable technology and excellent customer support.

Measurement equipment – 30 new products for WPE customers

Wind Power Energy customers will be able to access information and pricing for Second Wind products and services through the Wind Power Energy website. WPE will offer Second Wind’s Nomad2 Data Logger and accessories, along with a full range of tower accessories, measurement sensors and installation services. Now Wind Power Energy clients are able to buy Second Wind equipment faster and cheaper.

Nomad2 Data Loggers are compatible with virtually any wind sensor on the market today, providing the customer with the ability to meet IEC requirements for wind measurement. Second Wind also supplies sensors and IEC compliant sensor mounting hardware, communication kits and sensor wires. Our product list now includes: Nomad2 Data Logger, GSM Modems, 3 types of calibrated anemometers and wind vanes, pressure and temperature sensors, pyranometers and rain gauges, solar panels and state of art SCADA software.

Triton Wind Profiler – More portable and less obtrusive

There are so many unknowns when you plan a wind project — wind conditions at turbine height shouldn’t be one of them. Triton™ sonic wind profiler measures the winds up to and above the turbine’s blade sweep . . . no towers required! Triton can be rapidly deployed — and redeployed. Its low profile means no permitting in most locations.

Site developers, meteorologists and wind energy consultants will now be able to use SODAR more often and more affordably. The Triton™ sonic wind profiler is designed to address the common challenges that have limited the use of SODAR for wind resource assessment. It captures accurate wind data at height up to 200 meters under most weather conditions and in most locations without being attended. Trough the Second Wind reseller agreement, Wind Power Energy clients can now RENT Tritons for a limited period, not only buy it.

Consultancy Services – Turn key projects

Wind Power Energy has now a full service for the clients. Using state of art Second Wind equipment, delivered in record time, Wind Site Assessments and Wind Park Optimizations can now be performed faster. Using Second Wind equipment, there is no problem in accuracy or bankability of the measured data and clients can be sure of WPE’s quality services.

All Second Wind products can now be purchased online at www.wpe.ro/store , starting January 15th, 2009.

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