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Bankable wind studies

Assessing the wind potential from a location is our specialty. In our 6 years of experience we have achieved over 60 complex studies of wind for more than 2500 MW.

The experience gained during this period results from:

1. The involvement of the WPE team in all stages of a wind study:

– The choice of location for the placement of the measuring mast;
– Setting and installation according to standards for both the mast and equipments;
– Using various types of equipment, depending on the location or the customer’s needs;
– Continuous monitoring of the status of the equipment installed and defects remedy;
– Using 3 types of authorized software to verify results;
– Well developed experience and common sense in engineering;

2. Cooperation with international companies renowned worldwide:

– During the first 2 years, but also now, we use foreign consultants and consulting companies in order to gain as much knowledge as possible;
– Courses and training in Denmark, Norway, Germany and Italy for all WPE personnel, twice a year;
– Knowing in detail 4 different types of software: WindPro, WindFarmer, WAsP and WindSIM, to carry out checks in all stages of a project;
– Trained personnel in the use of wind data evaluation software;

3. How can Wind Power Energy accomplish bankable wind studies:

– WPE personnel is certified by software producers as “prepared user” for wind potential assessment and wind farm development;
– Several banks in Romania and the European Union granted bankable credits for several companies that used our services, relying on our results;
– International experience in successfully developing and operating more than 900MW until 2010;
– ISO 9001:2008 SRAC and IQnet international certification for “Consultancy and wind farm development”, “Wind farms dispatch service”, “Wind data measurements and noise monitoring”.
– All the due-diligence processes haven’t shown differences from the WPE results larger than 1-2%.

4. Additional quality standards

The wind assessment report presented to the beneficiary fulfills the quality standards of wind assessments (version 1), standards imposed by the Wind Experts Consultative Council from the German Association of Wind Energy. This standard was assumed and introduced in the Quality management system ISO 9001:2008 Certificate 7749 of Wind Power Energy SRL, as of 2009.

5. External partners:
– BBB UmwelttechniK GmbH – Germany
– 3Tier – SUA
– WindLogics – Germany
– EMD – Denmark
– GarradHassan – UK
– AMMONIT – Germany

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