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WPE.Noise – Noise measurements and certified noise studies by WPE in 2012

04 Jan 2012 - Comunicate de presa

In 2012 Wind Power Energy has certified and approved : ” Measurements lab for ambient noise parameter analysis” .

In the first part of 2012 Wind Power Energy will host the official opening of this lab under the WPE.Noise brand.

WPE. Noise is the first officially approved and certified lab for noise measurements for wind turbines in Romania and already has contracts for wind farms in Dobrogea and Banat areas for noise maps and noise reports.


The noise measurements lab for wind turbines has the following main activities :

1. Noise maps for wind farms – for the environmental approval
2. Noise measurements for wind farms
3. Noise measurements systems for 24/7 survey of ambient noise  in the wind farms and near the villages in vicinity
4. Noise measurements and management systems for airports and heliports
5.  Noise measurements and management systems for intersections and urban areas

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