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WPE SODAR tehnology

Wind Power Energy is using starting August 2010 a new measurement equipment with SODAR tehnology. We are using AQSystem’s AQ500 Wind Finder. There are several reasons for the success of the AQ500 Wind Finder. It’s a mobile self-sufficient system that’s easy to deploy, install and use.

AQ500 wpe tehniology

And with no need for building permits, external power sources or weather restrictions, the AQ500 is sure to get the job done. Just deploy, turn it on and start collecting the data.

The SODAR will give you accurate wind data for 100 percent of the turbine swept area. This means that the system is ideal for stand-alone measurements or as a complement to a met mast. By using only a met mast, the wind profile has to be calculated from the top anemometer to the top of the turbine swept area.

The Wind Finder provides valuable data in the wind turbine’s entire operating area (by volume). The system offers the complete wind profile up to 200 metres in range, with a 5 metre resolution.The system has been used and tested with very good results by well known industry operators including: Garrad Hassan, Airtricity, Vattenfall and Nordex. AQSystem therefore has a number of independent validation reports available upon request.

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